The Global Team

Anthony Chin
MGI Founder/ President/ Director/ Global CEO

30 years in the Marketing Industry

Vice President of Malaysia Optical Chamber Of Commerce 2022

Former Royal Malaysia Police Officer

Sales Director for Asia Pacific Region of Australian Magna Industrial Ltd.

2005-2015 Honda Astra Motor Indonesia Supplier

Entrepreneur since 2005

1997 – MLM Founder in Philippines with Total Group Sales of over $3Millions in the first year.

Dr. Soon Lee Fong
Ionspec Inventor/ Bio Technology

Chairman of the Hongkong Foundation.

Chairman of the Ionspec Foundation Malaysia

Chairman of Floater Eyes Society Malaysia

Chairman of Glaucoma Social Program Movement

Speaker of the Glaucoma Society

Chairman of Juvenile Myopia
Prevention Program Movement

Hello and Welcome to MGI Club

Mega Gloryoung International is a pioneer company for the procurement of products with high nanotechnology energy which are helpful for health therapies. Currently, nanotechnology sees significant development. Nano means per one billion meters so this technology is also related to the creation of little things. It combines physics, engineering, molecular biology, and chemistry. Currently, nanotechnology is high required in the health sector.

Mega Gloryoung International has currently been cooperating for over 5 years with glaucoma society malaysia for social activities to provide free medical glasses frames aids to Glaucomatous eye patients across the globe.

Currently, Mega Gloryoung International opens an opportunity for each of us to not only obtain healthy life but also life with time and financial freedoms through the best network marketing system combining 5 latest business trends.

Let us grab the success by joining Mega Gloryoung International.

MGI CLUB PHILIPPINESExternal Legal Counsel


We strive to be the world’s most successful company and one of leading healthy and natural product distributors in local and global markets.


We provide the world’s best business application to give an opportunity to financial independence with unlimited income potentials.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)


The implementation of social care activities or CSR is one of the manifestations of MGI’s mission to improve the franchise value and the value of stakeholders, where we strive to actively contribute to build and care about the health and welfare of the community.

The MGI CSR program is carried out under the umbrella of Glaucoma Society, the Floater Eye Association, and the IonSpec Foundation. In its implementation, we develop the social program “Donation Of One Million Pieces Medical Glasses” worldwide for Glaucoma Sufferers.

Since 2017, MGI with the development and implementation of MGI CSR program rests on the concept of sustainability and shared values between community development and the needs or abilities of the Company. The aim is for the Company and the community to both enjoy long-term benefits. MGI social responsibility principle is to translate CSR principles into practical actions.

We care about the danger of exposure to electromagnetic radiation that currently exists around us due to the enlargement of technology that cannot be avoided, we therefore wanted to contribute to the Philippines society a healthy life with our MGI quality health products.

The requirements to get FREE donation glasses for Glaucoma patients are by sending:

  • Photocopy of identification
  • Photocopy of doctor’s diagnosis letter
  • Photocopy of OCT scan