Nano Silver

Nano silver is a silver particle measuring 1 nanometer in length. Nano silver has many benefits in human life, especially as Antifungal (Antifungal) and Antibacterial so it is often used in the product consumption industry.

Nano silver will combine with the cell wall of pathogenic bacteria, then it will go directly into the bacteria and quickly combine it with sulfimril oxygen metabolism enzyme (-SH) to deactivate it, to inhibit inhalation and metabolism and kill bacteria. The maximized surface allows a strong antibacterial effect with a small amount of silver.

The most important thing about Nano Silver is controlling the purity of silver particles. If 0.01% of impurities are added to Nano Silver particles, it is very dangerous for the human body. Many researchers focus on the possibility of being used in conquering “SUPER BACTERIA” which threatens human life in the future. In addition, Nano Silver will not expire. Light, heat and radiation will now affect the quality of healing.

Benefits of Nano Silver

  1. Effectively kills virus, bacteria, fungi and other substances
  2. Tested safer
  3. Have amazing virus killing speed
  4. Curing cells faster
  5. Prevents further infection
  6. Helps regenerate skin cells
  7. Safe for consumption with modern and traditional medicines
  8. Prevent yourself from flu, coughing, and allergies
  9. Safe for vital organs
  10. Helps improve the immune system